Israel’s proud traitors

Despised by Israeli Jews as Untermenschen, the Bedouin have in recent years hit the headlines as victims of Israel’s policy of ethnic cleansing – a probable precursor to a more general ethnic cleansing of all Arab citizens of the Zionist state.

Israel’s Bedouin minority – desert-dwelling Arab nomads – live mostly in the Negev Desert in the south, where the ethnic cleansing has already started; in the Galilee in the north; and in the central region of the country.

However, there is another side to the Bedouin, apart from victims of ethnic cleansing and racist discrimination, a side which Arabs don’t like talking about much, as if this would cause it to disappear.

That is, a minority of Israel’s Bedouin – the victims of Jewish supremacism and Israeli racism – are themselves victimizers.

Unseasoned observers of the Middle East had a hint of this 11 years ago, when Tom Hurndall, an aspiring British photojournalist, was murdered by Taysir Hayb, a Bedouin sharpshooter serving in the Israeli occupation army, as he rushed to save a child – one of a group of children who had been targeted by Hayb’s Israeli army Bedouin unit.

But that is not all. Some of the Bedouin are not just victimizers. They are traitors. And proud to be traitors.

Take the case of Lieutenant-Colonel Majdi Mazarib, featured in the Israeli army propaganda video below. He is the commander of the Israeli army’s Northern Tracking Unit, which operates near the Lebanese border and consists only of Bedouin soldiers.

According to the ultra-right-wing Israeli news website Arutz Sheva 7,

These soldiers are able to apply their special skills to expose and prevent smuggling and infiltration attempts from Lebanon. Despite advances in technology, the IDF [Israel Defence Forces – the occupation army] continues to maintain Bedouin tracker units because the skills that they possess are unique. Overall, the Bedouin soldiers are invaluable and essential to the protection of Israel.

In the propaganda video above, Lt-Col Mazarib proclaims in Arabic and without any sense of shame: “I am Israeli, and proud to be an Israeli Arab and to serve in the Israel Defence Forces.”

Israel, the shameless Mazarib should remember, loudly and repeatedly proclaims itself as the Jewish state. Not the democratic state of all its citizens, but the Jewish state, repeat, the Jewish state.

Israel has no place for Mazarib, Hayb or any other Bedouin. Why they and their likes continue to serve it is beyond reason.

Some may call it desperation. Others may call it the “Stockholm syndrome”.

We call it treason.

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