Monthly Archives: April 2014

Israelis threatened with jail if they try to leave

Israeli police Marianne Azizi highlights the impact of Israel’s “No Exit orders”, and describes how her life was turned upside down when her husband went for a week’s visit to Israel, never to return. Read more [...]

Boycott Israel train moving full steam ahead

Graduate students at the University Read more [...]

Beyond John Kerry’s “Israeli apartheid” moment

John Kerry and Israel apartheid Nureddin Sabir considers what John Kerry didn’t say when he warned that Israel might wind up “being an apartheid state”, and wonders what it might take for Israel to take him seriously. Read more [...]

The dangerous Palestinian VIP class

Mahmoud Abbas's Israeli VIP permit Jamal Kanj argues that to be taken seriously, Palestinian Authority officials should at least tear up their Israeli VIP passes and experience the full pain of the occupation, like ordinary Palestinian citizens. Read more [...]

New York Times declares peace process futile

New York Times HQ Lawrence Davidson examines the New York Times’s declaration that the Palestinian-Israeli peace process is futile, and argues that, as with Obama, the NYT cannot find the courage to speak the truth. Read more [...]

The language of the Israeli occupation

Semantics of the Israeli occupiers Uri Avnery views the semantics of the Israeli occupiers on the one hand, and the peace movement on the other, from “peace” versus ”political settlement” to “Palestinian Authority” versus “Palestinian National Authority”. Read more [...]

Peace process: PLO ignores interview request

Hanan Ashrawi Stuart Littlewood laments the failure of Palestinian politicians to treat the media, and even friendly journalists and writers, professionally and with respect, thereby surrendering the fight for hearts and minds to Israel. Read more [...]

Laying the foundation for Palestinian statehood

Palestinian statehood Ruth Tenne says Fatah-Hamas reconciliation, fresh elections in the Palestinian territories, a progressive constitution and prosecuting Israel for war crimes must be prioritized if Palestinian statehood is to become reality. Read more [...]

The choice facing Arabs: integration or irrelevance

The Arab world Jamal Kanj views a recent UN report on the failure of the Arab states to integrate, and argues that Arabs face a choice between democracy and integration or disintegration and irrelevance. Read more [...]

Targeted killing could become a game for all

Targeted killing sniper Stuart Littlewood examines the justifications given by Western and Israeli politicians for prima facie illegal political assassinations, and wonders what would happen if those same excuses were used against these same politicians. Read more [...]