Monthly Archives: March 2014

Tickets for an Israeli war criminal

Tzipi Livni war criminal Stuart Littlewood examines the Jewish National Fund’s provocative decision to invite Israeli war crimes suspect Tzipi Livni to Britain on the day Palestinians mark their ethnic cleansing and dispossession by Jewish terrorists. Read more [...]

Horn of Africa in search of peace

Dadaab_refugee_camp Graham Peebles wonders at man’s continual inhumanity to man as he hears at first hand from Somali refugees horrific tales of murder, torture and rape committed by Ethiopian soldiers and police. Read more [...]

Students at key London University college vote to boycott Israel

Students at London University’s Read more [...]

Kosher theft? Palestine and Crimea compared

Al-Aqsa Jamak Kanj highlights Western hypocrisy by contrasting the Wests’s consternation over Russia’s annexation of Crimea on the one hand with the unconditional support for Israel’s annexation of Palestinian territories on the other. Read more [...]

Israeli citizen announces bid for Ukrainian presidency

Brace yourselves: Ukraine could end Read more [...]

A quarter of secular Israeli youth want to leave Israel

Israel is becoming an unattractive Read more [...]

Israel-Palestine talks: the balance sheet so far

Barack Obama looking grim Jonathan Cook argues that while the current Israeli-Palestinian talks are likely to yield at best miserly results, in the longer term Israel seems destined to be shunned by the world. Read more [...]

An Israeli takeover of the Palestinian Authority?

Muhammad Dahlan Alan Hart speculates on whether Israel is plotting to replace Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas with Muhammad Dahlan, seen as Israel’s agent, who would duly liquidate the Palestinian cause on its behalf. Read more [...]

Libya’s Islamist menace

Sharia freaks in Libya Nureddin Sabir reviews a recent analysis which concludes that the Islamist threat from Libya, at the core of which is the Muslim Brotherhood, should be treated as top priority, especially by Egypt. Read more [...]

British architects call for world boycott of Israeli counterparts

Britain’s Zionophile prime minister, Read more [...]