Norway tightens the sanctions screws on Israel

The boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel has received a boost from Norway.

According to the French news agency AFP,

Norway’s huge sovereign wealth fund, the world’s largest, blacklisted two Israeli companies involved in construction of settlements in East Jerusalem, the country’s Finance Ministry said Thursday [30 January].

The ban on investing in the firms revived a three-year prohibition on them that the Government Pension Fund of Norway had dropped in August last year.

The companies are Africa Israel Investments, an Israeli real estate developer, and its construction subsidiary Danya Cerbus.

The ministry gave as a reason for the blacklisting the company’s “contribution to serious violations of individual rights in war or conflict through the construction of settlements in East Jerusalem”, occupied and annexed by the apartheid Zionist state in violation of international law.

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund is worth an estimated 818 billion US dollars, AFP repoted, citing the SWF Institute, a body that tracks such funds.

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