Jewish squatters over represented among new Israeli military graduates

Jewish squatters living in illegal colonies on stolen Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank make up more than 16 per cent of new officers in the Israeli army, the Israeli far right Arutz Sheva 7 news website reports. That is four times the proportion of squatters in the population, the report said, citing the army’s Bamahane magazine

Many of these scoundrels are religious – so a high proportion of Jewish squatters also means a high proportion of kippah-wearers,

An article published recently by Amir Oren, military analyst for the Haaretz newspaper, drew attention to the disproportionately high number of religious people in the security forces.

“The situation is worst in the Shin Bet,” he wrote, “which has turned into the kippah wearers’ service in recent years. The people holding three of the four most senior positions come from a religious background and project support for a world view that opposes a diplomatic solution that involves ceding settlements,” he said.

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