Canadian Protestant church joins boycott Israel campaign

From the Zionist cesspit that is Canada’s political elite, a voice of reason has emerged.

According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), Canada’s largest Protestant church has launched a campaign to boycott goods made in the occupied West Bank.

The United Church of Canada campaign, dubbed “Unsettling Goods: Choose Peace in Palestine and Israel”, encourages “economic action” against three Israeli companies: Keter Plastic Ltd, SodaStream and Havana, which all have factories in the West Bank.

“With these efforts, we join with many others striving to bring peace with justice to the Holy Land,” the church’s moderator, Gary Paterson, wrote in a November letter to church members announcing the launch of the campaign.

Churchgoers are also urged to avoid retailers carrying the products, such as Canadian Tire, The Bay, Home Depot and Walmart.

This rare principled action from Canada has inevitably been met with the usual squawks of “anti-Semitism” from the usual rats, pimps and stooges of Zionism, from the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre to B’nai Brith. No doubt, the biggest pimp of all, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, will join them soon.

Let’s hope that the United Church of Canada sticks to its Christian values and not allow itself to be bullied by these apologists of evil.

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