Monthly Archives: November 2013

India: sick from distorted development

India's sick Graham Peebles shows how two decades of “economic miracle” in India have bypassed the overwhelming majority of the chronically poor and left them sicker and more destitute than ever before. Read more [...]

So Iran is Britain’s enemy…

Israel stooge David Cameron Stuart Littlewood examines UK Prime Minister Cameron’s and Foreign Secretary Hague’s statements on Iran, and their pledges of servitude to Israel, and asks who gave them a mandate to pursue Israeli policies. Read more [...]

If sanctions work against Iran, why not Israel?

The interim nuclear deal between Read more [...]

Canadian stooges stand by their Israeli man

If there’s one group of stooges Read more [...]

Israel to build 829 new Jewish squatter homes on stolen Palestinian land

In yet another act of bad faith, Read more [...]

Who’s in charge: Israel or the USA?

Israel vs USA Uri Avnery says that, with the fight between Obama’s administration and Israel’s Congress stooges now in the open, the US could be heading for the most serious constitutional crisis in its history. Read more [...]

The daylight between Israel and the West

Netanyahu and Hollande Jamal Kanj argues that Israel is not interested in ending Iran's military nuclear ambitions, or even in the physical dismantlement of its nuclear programme, but wants to eliminate Iran’s technological know-how. Read more [...]

Ethiopian migrants victimized in Saudi Arabia

Ethiopian migrants in Saudi Arabia Graham Peebles highlights the plight of the Ethiopian migrants expelled by the Saudi authorities, and the indifference of the Ethiopian government towards them, but sees an opportunity for disenchanted Ethiopians to unite. Read more [...]

The tail wags the dog: Israel publicly upbraids the US on Iran

Israel has gotten so used to the Read more [...]

Israeli troops attack children with stun grenades then handcuff them

While Israel and the Palestinian Read more [...]