Israel’s “men of God” pray for failure of peace talks

Israel’s rabbis, the advocates and guardians of Judaism, are asking God to prevent peace from descending on the Holy Land.

The Israeli news website Ynet reports that, upon hearing rumours that Israel might relinquish tiny bits of the land it has stolen from the indigenous Palestinians, Israeli rabbis and heads of religious schools known as yeshiva issued a manifesto ordering worshippers to add to the amidah prayer, which is said three times a day on weekdays, a special prayer calling on God to kill the prospects of peace with the Palestinians.

According to Ynet, “The collective call to add a segment on the most important part of the morning, afternoon and evening prayer is not a conventional thing. It is usually done only at real times of crisis, like during drought.”

However, the “crisis” on this occasion is the prospect of peace, slim as it is. In their manifesto, the warmongering Jewish “men of God” wrote:

Please merciful God, with your many mercies… don’t give your land to disgrace, to be controlled by gentiles. Protect and save us from our enemies, and give us the valour and courage to build and plant your holy land, and may we live to inherit our land…

For several months now, peace negotiations are being held around the demand for additional concessions [sic] of parts of the Land of Israel…

We can see for ourselves that government ministers, deputy ministers and Knesset members are alarmed by disastrous plans as well, and are issuing statements these days focusing on one matter: the wholeness of the Land of Israel is in danger!

Israeli Jewish society is becoming increasingly religious. As the Israeli newspaper Haaretz says,

The only question that remains is whether the people of Israel and their government are 70 per cent religious Zionist, or even only 60 per cent religious Zionist, and when we will reach the critical mass of 90 percent – as soon as two years from now, or only in another seven?

… The weight of religious Zionists in the population is growing heavier, while the weight of liberal-secular Israelis is declining… Just look at how the education system has become more and more nationalistic and religious. The Israel Defence Forces and its commanders have become more and more religious Zionist. The laws are becoming more and more religious Zionist. The courts are becoming more religious Zionist. The secular-liberal media is collapsing and the academic world is also beginning to crack and fall into the arms of religious Zionism.

So, rather than worry about Iran’s non-existent nuclear weapons, the world had better turn its attention to the time bomb of bigotry that is ticking inside the Middle East’s only nuclear power, the apartheid state of Israel.

And with the rabbis urging their flock to pray not for love but for the death of peace, the international community had better move fast.

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