Monthly Archives: October 2013

Israel gets building while negotiations go nowhere

John Kerry bows to man in skullcap As Israel announces plans to build 5,000 illegal Jewish squatter homes on stolen Palestinian land, Jonathan Cook assesses the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli talks – so far a showcase of Israeli bad faith. Read more [...]

UK’s devotion to racist Israeli regime

Hugh Robertson MP Stuart Littlewood looks at how Britain’s new minister for Middle East affairs, Hugh Robertson – an Israel stooge who has replaced another Israel stooge, Alistair Burt,has adopted Israel’s vocabulary towards Gaza. Read more [...]

Israeli leaflets ask US Jews: are you loyal to Israel or the USA?

Jewish dual allegiance – the notion Read more [...]

US Jewish racists face to face with the truth

Jewish supremacists visiting the Read more [...]

Israel is an apartheid state. Period.

Uri Avnery Jonathan Cook debunks Uri Avnery’s argument that Israel, inside its pre-1967 borders, is not an apartheid states, and argues that Arab citizens of Israel face structural, institutionalized and systematic discrimination. Read more [...]

Israeli Jews: licensed to be racist

Racism ruins lives Nureddin Sabir highlights instances of anti-Arab racism and sexism being aired in public in Israel, but without a murmur of protest from the West’s guardians of equality and political correctness. Read more [...]

Supporting Israel costs American lives – former CIA analyst

Last July we reported how General Read more [...]

Israel’s Trojan horses in the USA

By way of deception and lies is the Read more [...]

British TV “celebrity” Simon Cowell, US singer Lionel Ritchie, come out as Israel pimps

A famous British television personality Read more [...]

Israel’s nuclear weapons: a common sense reminder

As Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Read more [...]