Syria’s secular rebels are there, if you care to look

Syrian researcher Bassma Kodmani and French researcher Félix Legrand have worked together on research inside Syria to produce an amazingly professional report documenting secular Free Syrian Army (FSA) brigades working on the ground to topple the regime and establish a civil democracy.

The goal of their important report is to lobby for support for the secular groups within the FSA so that the Syrian revolution is not hijacked by the Islamists.

Many people ask whether there are any secular rebel fighters, and may others express the fear that, if the Assad regime falls, Islamist would impose an Islamic state on the people. In reality, however, all that is needed is to support the right people who are fighting a just cause.

Please take time to download, read and share Kodmani’s and Legrand’s report.

Empowering the Democratic Resistance in Syria

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