Israel’s distressed Knight of Apartheid

It must be very distressing to be a warrior of apartheid Israel – always on the lookout for crimes of racial mixing, always having to be vigilant in case human nature rises above Jewish racism.

A report in +972 Magazine highlights the case of a female Israeli soldier who is frequently stationed at checkpoints. According to the report, the poor Knight of Apartheid is “apparently very disturbed by the fact that some Jews and Palestinians actually hang out”.

In desperation, the soldier contacted Yad La’achim, an organization which aims to promote and safeguard Israeli apartheid by “saving Jews from assimilation”. In her message to the racist organization, sent anonymously on Facebook, she expresses the hope that it can help her prevent this awful violation of apartheid from happening in the future “by talking some sense into these young women”.

She said: 

Hi, I speak with true pain, as a soldier working at checkpoints and every Friday night Jewish girls pass through in minority cars [common euphemism for Arabs]. I would be glad if you could come and stand with me at the checkpoint for at least an hour and try to appeal to the hearts of these poor Jewish girls… Every time I see such Jewish girls, I try to hold up the vehicle and check the background of these Arabs [euphemism gone], and in between I take the Jewish girls aside for a short talk (which doesn’t always help). So perhaps you will succeed, because it’s really painful to see the daughters of Israel going with these Arabs.

Yad La’achim responded via Facebook (highlighted) by saying:

Yad La'achim

Translated into English, courtesy of +972 Magazine, it said: “God willing, we have contacted the charming soldier and from now on she will report to us on every such girl, after she checks her ID.”

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