Exposed: Israel’s flag-waver at the Washington Post

It’s hard to decide which is the more alarming: the brazenness of the Zionist lobbies in the West or the willingness of Western publics to tolerate them.

Today Electronic Intifada carried a report which should – but probably won’t – cause serious concern among Americans:

Ruth Eglash, the Washington Post’s recently hired Jerusalem correspondent, has what could be a serious conflict of interest – her husband’s political and business ties to the Israeli government and its overseas propaganda apparatus…

Her own reporting and activities indicate that Eglash has difficulties providing fair and dispassionate coverage regarding Palestinians.

Eglash, who joined the Washington Post in April, was previously deputy managing editor of the far right-wing Jerusalem Post.

According to Electronic Intifada, Ruth Eglash’s husband, Michael Eglash is not only president of the Israel propaganda marketing firm Upstart Ideas, but has been “deeply involved in efforts to promote Israel and Israeli government policy for years and this is now his main business”.

Ruth Eglash

Ruth Eglash – unashamedly pro-Israel

Electronic Intifada discloses that Upstart Ideas “lists among its past and present clients and close partners numerous Israeli government and Israeli-government-backed entities including the the Ministry of Tourism, Taglit-Birthright Israel and the Jewish National Fund (JNF)”, which is neck deep in the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Bedouins from their ancestral lands in the Negev region.

And it’s not just the Washington Post Jerusalem correspondent’s husband who’s a super-pimp for Israel. Ruth Eglash herself, Electronic Intifada reports, has been on speaking tours sponsored by her husband’s clients or partners.

She is listed as a member of the speakers bureau of the Jewish National Fund.

Last year, she spoke in Milwaukee at an event sponsored by the Milwaukee chapter of Hadassah, the Jewish Community Relations Council and the Israel Center of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation – a member of the Jewish Federations of North America.

Several of these sponsors are members of the “Israel Action Network,” a multi-million dollar initiative set up specifically to counter the growing movement for Palestinian rights.

As if this were not enough, Ruth Eglash has a proven track record of pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian bias. The Electronic Intifada lists a number of examples to highlight this, including:

Many readers, accustomed to the unceasing and unashamed bias of the Western – especially US – media towards Israel will say “So, what’s new?”

Regrettably, the media’s incessant pimping for Israel is not new. However, without naming, shaming and boycotting the Israel flag-wavers among those whose duty it is to inform and enlighten us, this Zionist disease will only get worse.

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