Cynthia McKinney: Assad’s American useful idiot

There is something rather sickening when supposed humanists who espouse worthy causes compromise themselves and become the useful idiots of dictators and mass murderers.

In February 2012, in an analysis of the left’s reaction to the Syrian and Libyan uprisings, we looked into how former US Democratic congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, among others, had turned from a human and civil rights activist into a propagandist for Libyan tyrant Muammar Gaddafi.

We noted how, inexplicably, she had made outlandish claims about imminent Western military intervention in, and takeover of, the oil wells of Libya, even though she should have known that this was fiction and would be shown as such within a very short time.

Well, we are now in September 2013 and, lo and behold, McKinney’s dire predictions have come to nothing. Nonetheless, this has not stopped the former US humanist from campaigning for tyrants and mass killers.

Less than a month after Bashar Assad’s forces gassed nearly 1,500 Syrians, instead of condemning the Syrian dictator’s crime against humanity, McKinney found it appropriate to laud his regime. Writing on her Facebook from Damascus, she said:

I am in Syria now with former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, where residents enjoy free education and free healthcare. Visited a Damascus hospital, the Grand Mufti, a school that has been turned into residences for Internally Displaced Persons. Ended the Day with Ogarit Dandash who founded “Over Our Dead Bodies,” a group of young people who climbed atop Mount Qasioun and dared U.S. bombs to target them. They are still there in defiant resistance to any war against Syria. Mount Qasioun should be the site of a peace party not bombing strikes.

Given her erstwhile espousal of worthy causes, it would have been more fitting if McKinney had said: “Mount Qasioun should be the site of a peace party not chemical weapons strikes against innocent Syrian civilians.”

According to data gathered by United Nations weapons experts, Mount Qasioun is the most likely location from which rockets carrying sarin gas were fired by Assad’s forces at Ghouta on the outskirts of Damascus on 21 August, killing hundreds of men, women and children.

But, alas, truthfulness, courage and integrity do not seem to be the stuff of today’s generation of “leftists” – the fake, self-proclaimed “leftists” who seem to be more at ease with fascists and mass murderers than with the downtrodden masses they claim to fight for.

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