British racist makes common cause with Syria’s Assad and Russia’s Putin

They say that birds of a feather flock together, and indeed they do.

So, it’s no surprise that British racist and Islamophobe Nick Griffin should be best pals with the butcher of Damascus, Bashar Assad, and his mafiosi protector and friend of Israel, Vladimir Putin.

Writing in the Lede, Robert Mackey reports that Griffin spent the best part of 9 September encouraging his followers to support Assad in online discussion forums read by American voters.



Griffin, as Mackay points out,

is a committed foe of what he calls the “creeping Islamification” of Britain, toured Syria in June with a group of far-right, ultranationalist politicians from across Europe. In video dispatches from Damascus posted on his fringe party’s YouTube channel — which is otherwise dedicated to reports on “Fighting the Horror of Mass Immigration” and “Muslim Sex Monsters” — Mr Griffin made it clear that he takes the Syrian president at his word when he claims that opposition to his autocratic rule is entirely a plot by foreign-backed, Islamic extremists.

As for Putin, the British xenophobe could hardly contain his expressions of love:

No doubt the duo have lots in common, besides admiration for the butcher of Damascus – like, for example, their views on ethnic minorities.

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