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Jewish schism threatens Israel’s deadly grip on USA

Israel is losing its deadly grip Read more [...]

What if the Jews were the victims?

White washing Israeli crimes With the Israelis resorting to low intensity biological warfare against the Palestinians, in the form of spraying streets with sewage, William A. Cook asks Israel’s US and European backers some searching questions. Read more [...]

Huge sewage outflows from illegal Israeli settlement poison Palestinian land

Sewage from the illegal Jewish settlement Read more [...]

Israeli army sprays sewage on Palestinian streets

Here’s a piece of disgusting news, Read more [...]

Now’s the time to strip Israel of its WMDs

Big WMD symbols Gilad Atzmon says the fresh start in Western-Iranian relations ushered in by the new Iranian president has created an environment conducive to disarming Israel of its weapons of mass destruction. Read more [...]

Israel’s distressed Knight of Apartheid

It must be very distressing to be Read more [...]

The issue of Israel’s nuclear weapons will not go away

If there’s a silver lining to the Read more [...]

Israel pimps create apartheid alternative to Facebook

Not content with their racist ghetto Read more [...]

Human rights vs tyranny

Human rights Alan Hart assesses the state of human rights and explains what must happen if the world’s population is to live as humans and not as animals or more like animals than humans. Read more [...]

Cynthia McKinney: Assad’s American useful idiot

There is something rather sickening Read more [...]