Richard Dawkins’s wake up call to Muslims met with hysteria

It’s pretty sad when anyone, let alone a respected author and scientist, is attacked simply for stating a hard fact.

Yet that is precisely what happened when Richard Dawkins tweeted:


Explaining his choice of religious group, Dawkins said:


He later explained to the Guardian newspaper that these boasts had

prompted the thought that if they are all that numerous, shouldn’t they have more to show for it in terms of achievement? The comparison with Trinity Cambridge I judged less offensive to Muslims than the even more dramatic comparison with Jews (who have garnered an astoundingly large number of Nobel Prizes).

Dawkins’s reluctant comparison of Muslim to Jewish achievement is another intriguing fact, albeit one that many Muslims will undoubtedly find offensive. This is somewhat ironic, for while Muslims will take offence at being reminded of hard facts, these self-same sensitive souls will not hesitate to adopt some of the Jews’ most negative traits.

In a previous post we lamented how some Muslims have enthusiastically borrowed the Zionists’ tactic of branding critics of Israel and of anything or anyone Jewish as anti-Semites in order to deter criticism, no matter how valid. Sadly, this abuse of labels is also evident in the vitriolic response by Muslims and armchair faux leftists to Dawkins’s statements of facts.

Thus, Faisal Islam, Channel 4 TV’s economics editor, bleeted:


What is spurious about the simple fact that “All the world’s Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge”? With economists like that, no wonder some people question the scientific credentials of Economics.

Another critic, Owen Jones, leftist commentator and author of Chavs: the Demonization of the Working Class, brayed


But, amid the contempt for facts and logic that characterized the attacks on Dawkins, one Twitter user had the presence of mind to see through the self-indulgent hysteria:



Instead of indulging in an orgy of denial and smears in the face of reality, Muslims and their slogan-mongering opportunist friends should treat Richard Dawkins’s truth-telling – “All the world’s Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge. They did great things in the Middle Ages, though” – as a wake-up call.

Instead of resorting to personal attacks and to the warped logic of the Zionists’ persecution complex, Muslims and their true friends should ask themselves why Muslims have gone from doing great things in the Middle Ages to being the most backward on earth – despite some being the richest on earth.

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