Israel puts Jews at risk

Israel cannot have it both ways. On the one hand, it and its mouthpieces around the world claim ad nauseum that anti-Semitism is rising globally, in an attempt to justify Israel’s raison d’être as a haven of last resort for world Jewry. According to the racist worldview of the Zionist ideology on which Israel is founded, non-Jews, or gentiles, will inevitably persecute Jews whenever the two mix – unless, of course, the Jews are in charge.

On the other hand, by coupling itself to non-Israeli Jews, Israel smears the foreign Jews it claims to represent with its criminal behaviour and its racist policies. This sometimes leads to acts of hostility towards Jews in Europe and elsewhere – the perpetrators taking Israel at its word and not making a distinction between the Zionist state and foreign Jews. This in turn provides Israel and its Zionist stooges with the “evidence” they need to substantiate their racist claim that Jews and gentile are almost biologically incompatible.

We have previously argued that Jewish groups that support Israel’s crimes and its violations of international law should be prosecuted, just like neo-Nazis and Nazi holocaust deniers are prosecuted in various Western countries. Indeed, there is a case also for prosecuting these Zionist groups for incitement – inciting hatred against Jews through propaganda which, in the yes of the general public, associates these Jews with a racist, criminal state.

One example of the kind of activity that tarnishes non-Israeli Jews in general with Israeli crimes is the extensive fundraising that is organized by Zionist organizations in United States, Britain and other European countries on behalf of Israel.

Another example is the organized recruitment of foreign Jews to the Israeli armed forces. Take this event, organized by Nefesh B’Nefes (Jewish Souls United), an organization that promotes, encourages and facilitates the colonization of occupied Palestine by American and British Jews. According to the Times of Israel,

A Nefesh B’Nefesh flight arrived in Israel on Tuesday morning [13 August] bringing hundreds of new immigrants from North America to the country, including 125 young men and women who will join the Israel Defense Forces.

A specially charted Jumbo jet brought 41 families along with their combined 88 children, and 47 singles. Ninety-two of the immigrants will be moving to Israel’s periphery [that is, the occupied West Bank]…

Organizations such as Nefesh B’Nefesh should be banned and prosecuted for stirring up racial and religious hatred and for promoting, encouraging and facilitating war crimes, which is precisely what the colonization of occupied territory is. There is no room in civilized societies for exceptionalism on grounds of presumed racial or religious supremacy. Therefore, there should be no impunity for Jewish – or any other organizations – that aid and abet crime.

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