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BBC editor tells staff to be soft on Israel

BBC News website Middle East Editor Raffi Berg Nureddin Sabir says the revelation that the BBC News website’s Middle East editor, Raffi Berg, asked his staff to belittle Israel’s aggression on Gaza should be urgently investigated by an independent body. Read more [...]

While Palestinians talk, Israel creates facts on the ground

The Palestinian Authority, the Associated Read more [...]

Israel exports racism to South Africa

What do you think would happen if Read more [...]

Watch: unelected UK parliamentarian attacks musician for speaking the truth

World-renowned violinist Nigel Kennedy Read more [...]

Israel flag-wavers in US and UK suffer double whammy

In Europe and the United States, Read more [...]

Syria between the shadow of Iraq, confusion and propaganda

Are we about to see a repeat performance Read more [...]

Ex-BBC journalist on an expenses-paid propaganda trip to Israel

With the the worst brand reputation Read more [...]

Brand Israel self-destructs

Israel - bloody hands Stuart Littlewood argues that, with the worst brand reputation on the planet, Israel’s well-oiled but desperate international public relations campaign – which has just been upped a gear – is doomed to fail. Read more [...]

Once upon a Palestine

Map showing how Palestine has been usurped by the Jews between 1947 and 2012 Mhara Costello pays tribute to the betrayed, abandoned, shunned, vilified and outstandingly brave Palestinian people, for whom the time has come to pick up their keys and return home, where they belong. Read more [...]

Israel introduces apartheid kindergartens

First came the apartheid hitchhiking Read more [...]