The Israeli media’s Judaeo-centric syndrome

It’s rather sad to observe the length to which the Israeli media go to show that Jews are at the centre of the universe.

For the past few days the British media, and a sizable proportion of the British public, have been engrossed in one of their occasional journeys back to their feudal past, captivated by the fact that Catherine Middleton, the wife of Queen Elizabeth’s grandson William, was about to give birth – one of hundreds or maybe even thousands of British women who must have also been in labour at the very same time.

But rather than simply joining their British counterparts and reporting this somewhat inconsequential event, the Israeli media had to find a Jewish angle. Here’s the Times of Israel, in a report entitled “Kate labours in Jewish-funded wing”:

When the duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was rushed to the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital earlier Monday [22 July], anxious to avoid hundreds of paparazzi camping outside, she almost certainly missed the little plaque at the entrance. The memorial pays tribute to the anonymous donor “who was not unmindful of his neighbours’ needs” and who paid for the wing in 1937

In fact he wasn’t so anonymous: the wing is named after him. Frank Charles Lindo was a wealthy Jew, descended on his mother Adeline’s side from the Heilbut family, and on his father Charles’s side, it appears, from one of London’s most famous Sephardi families. While it is not clear exactly how he is related, the Lindo name is particularly associated with the silver Lindo Lamp, the earliest known English menorah, which was commissioned in 1709 on the marriage of Elias Lindo to Rachel Lopes Ferreira.

It’s not just the Times of Israel that is obsessed with Judaeo-centrism. Skimming through other Israeli and Jewish media, from the Ynet news website, through the repulsive Israel Hayom newspaper, to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, you’ll find one consistent theme: Jews are at the centre of almost everything and are virtually the only people who suffer from discrimination and prejudice.

What’s even sadder is the fact that these Israeli and Jewish media are touting this line in English, presumably believing that English-speaking peoples are blind, deaf, dumb and stupid and, therefore, can’t see for themselves that the reality is very different.

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