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Explaining Canada’s unconditional support of Israel

Canada Israel affair Yves Engler attributes Canada’s unconditional support of Israel to a desire to mobilize right wingers and evangelicals, an attraction to Israeli militarism and eagerness to enable US designs in the Middle East. Read more [...]

UN schemers screw up Middle East peace prospects

UN Israel collusion Stuart Littlewood examines the collusion in 1967 by Western members of the UN Security Council which allowed Israel to keep the fruits of its aggression and perpetuate the Middle East conflict. Read more [...]

Why does Canada support Israel right or wrong?

Why is Canada “so unstintingly Read more [...]

The boycott of Israel eight years in

Boycott Israel movement at eight Lawrence Davidson charts the progress of the boycott Israel movement in just eight years, which should raise doubts in the minds of Israelis who think Zionist ideologues can prevent Israel’s increasing isolation. Read more [...]

Religion, trickery and the propagation of falsehoods

Trickery and the propagation of falsehoods Read more [...]

US and allied spying and control vs freedom

Big Brother is Watching You Graham Peebles argues that unconstitutional activity by Western intelligence agencies, rather than protecting citizens, “have themselves become a cause of national iand nternational insecurity by creating an atmosphere of mistrust and fear”. Read more [...]

Ex-US commander: “I paid a military security price” for American support of Israel

The United States establishment is Read more [...]

Syria’s Assad seeks Israeli permission to set up sectarian rump state

For years it’s been an open secret Read more [...]

The boycott Israel noose tightens

It’s been a bad month for Israel Read more [...]

Letter to John Kerry – dishonest “peace” broker

Shimon Peres, John Kerry and Mahmoud Abbas at World Economic Forum, Amman, 2013 Stuart Littlewood says instead of staging talks to provide cover for more Judaization and colonization of Palestinian territories, John Kerry should be implementing and enforcing UN and international court rulings on Israel. Read more [...]