The writing on the wall for Palestinian collaborators

It has always been our position that the Palestinian struggle will get nowhere as long as the Palestinian people are led by donkeys (with due respect to the real donkeys, not their human imitators), corrupt collaborators and primitive Islamist retards.

What the Palestinians need is an Intifada, or uprising, against the self-serving quislings of the Palestinian National Authority (PA) and the seventh-century, back-to-the-future ideological bankrupts of Hamas.

Admittedly, this is easier said then done, for the hardest thing to do when you are already under Israeli occupation is to turn against those who claim to be your would-be liberators. That said, there are already signs of hope.

In a report from Bethlehem, Asa Winstanley of Electronic Intifada describes how participants in a day-long conference on the boycott of Israel turned on the PA’s national economy minister, Naji Jawad, after he failed to address their concerns about the PA’s policy of normalization with Israel – the same Israel that is daily stealing Palestinian land by building more and more Jewish colonies, or settlements, contrary to international law.

The Palestinian Authority’s minister of national economy Jawad Naji was chased out of the national boycott conference in Bethlehem University today. Participants in the BDS conference were angry with the PA’s politics of trade and normalization with Israel, and many openly criticised the PA, the PLO and PA leader Mahmoud Abbas himself.

The day-long conference saw attendee after attendee take the microphone during question-and-answer sessions, denouncing normalization with Israel and calling for better efforts to boycott Israeli products within the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

They were also angry the PA has not followed through on promises dating from 2010 to prevent the “ubiquity” of settlement products in Palestinian shops in the West Bank. Long-time Abbas aide Yasser Abed Rabbo was described as the “founder of normalization.”

During a session intended to allow activists to hold the PA and the PLO to account, questioner Nizar Banat challenged Naji, and pointed out the elephant in the room when it comes to local BDS. He exclaimed: Abbas says openly that he collaborates with the Israelis.

At this point Naji, who had been growing visibly uncomfortable at the mounting criticism, snapped. He accused the questioner of “barking” and shouted that he did not accept that someone could say “bad things” about “the president.”

The audience, who had loudly applauded Banat’s stinging denunciation of Abbas, then turned on Naji. The people demanded Naji apologise but he refused and instead walked out. The minister fled the hall with his entourage to angry chants of “get the minister out” and “collaborators!”

The PA’s response was typical of that of Arab regimes confronted with criticism. According to Winstanley, “Banat later told the press he was beaten up by members of Naji’s entourage. In one video of the event, one of Naji’s men (presumably PA mukhabarat [secret police]) can clearly be seen blocking the shot and assaulting the person taking the video.”

Sometimes troubled waters seem as still as sleep. Outside observers of the occupied territories – both the West Bank and Gaza – often assume that, hemmed in by the Israeli occupation at one end and the daily struggle to live on the other, the people of Palestine have no stomach to deal with the rot inside their own house.

But, as the above example shows, trouble is bubbling below the surface and will one day explode to sweep aside the PA, Fatah and Hamas. Only then will the neo-fascists and racists in Tel Aviv and occupied Jerusalem take notice.

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