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Archbishop of Canterbury’s false start in Holy Land

Justin Welby Stuart Littlewood relates how Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby side-stepped the beleaguered Palestinian Christian communities of the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza, preferring instead to canoodle with Zionist leaders. Read more [...]

The crime of indifference – in Israel and the US

Why indifference? Lawrence Davidson examines a key characteristic of the “special relationship” between the United States and Israel: a view of history that eliminates others’ suffering as well as one’s role in causing it. Read more [...]

David Cameron’s “Torah” government

Israel stooge David Cameron Stuart Littlewood says the infiltration of a disproportionately huge number of Zionists into every level of British political life has shackled the UK, preventing it from promoting justice in the Holy Land. Read more [...]

Obama’s non-commitment to Middle East peace

Obama - no hope Uri Avnery says US Secretary of State Kerry’s endless visits to Israel and the occupied territories will achieve nothing unless President Obama confronts the Zionist lobby and seriously commit to genuine peace. Read more [...]

Archbishop of Canterbury says Israel “centre of the world”

With monotonous regularity, hardly Read more [...]

A concise answer to Israel’s New York consul-general’s question “Why boycott Israel?”

Lawrence Davidson writes: Ido Read more [...]

Why peace in Palestine-Israel is unattainable

US funding of Israel Jamal Kanj says Israeli arrogance –"The international community can say whatever they want, and we can do whatever we want" – coupled with unqualified US support mean that peace is unattainable. Read more [...]

The G8’s commercial colonization of Africa

G8 and Africa Graham Peebles says a G8 scheme intended to help African agriculture - the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition - is likely to act as a mask for exploitation and profiteering. Read more [...]

Dutch rabbi calls a spade a spade

We’ve gotten used to the braying Read more [...]

UK’s Jack Straw says Israel has nuclear weapons, steals Palestinian land

A tradition has developed in the Read more [...]