Global Day of Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution

Stand in solidarity with the Syrian people by joining the Global Day of Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution on 31 May.

To quote the organizers,

Assad’s regime has unleashed a violent rampage against the Syrians, launching Scud missiles, cluster bombs, incendiary munitions and aerial bombardments on his own people. The regime has detained and tortured tens of thousands and committed untold massacres. It has refused to step down and polarized communities through strategic acts of violence, sowing the seeds of sectarian division.

Abandoned by world powers, the Syrian revolution has confronted a scenario where states that were allegedly friends of the Arabs, such as Venezuela, Russia, China and Iran, have stood in support of the slaughter of the people, while those that never supported democracy or independence, especially the US and their Gulf allies, pay lip-service to the toppling of Assad while continuously betray the popular movement. Their intervention tries to crush and subvert the uprising, while selling illusions and deceptive lies.

Syria Global Solidarity

Official campaign poster

Of course, days of actions are no match for the tanks, bombs and bullets of the Assad regime. But they at least show the Syrian people that they are not alone and that people of conscience the world over stand shoulder to shoulder with them. These gestures also provide a focal point around which to mobilize and organize in order expose the Syrian regime for the criminal outfit that it is.

For more information on the Global Day of Solidarity, click here.

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