Monthly Archives: March 2013

Hypocritical cries of “anti-Semitism”

Every now and again, when the going Read more [...]

Scapegoating in Libya

It's a year and a half since the Read more [...]

Syria and the battle of narratives

The Syrian regime is winning the battle of narratives because people in the West – the media and other opinion formers – are trapped in the narrative of the Iraq war. Read more [...]

Goodbye Miliband. Don’t come back

David Miliband Stuart Littlewood explains why not many decent Britons will miss former UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband, who has announced his departure from British politics to head a charity in the US. Read more [...]

The proxy war destroying Syria

Pain of Syria Jamal Kanj argues that between them, an arrogant tyrant, Bashar Assad, a fractious, visionless, bankrupt opposition, and Russia, the USA and Turkey are breaking up Syria into mini Israel-type ethnocentric states. Read more [...]

George Galloway and the topless feminist

Counter-productive Nureddin Sabir highlights British MP George Galloway’s walkout at an Oxford University debate about boycotting Israel, and a Tunisian feminist’s topless protest, as examples of gesture politics guaranteed to be counter-productive. Read more [...]

The Holy Land gets skunked

Israelis skunk Palestinians Lawrence Davidson says President Obama and most of Congress can’t tell the difference between fair and foul in Israel because their world has been defined by a Zionist lobby with Orwellian powers. Read more [...]

The pain of Ethiopia’s Ogaden Somalis

Ogaden Graham Peebles details the gross violations of human rights practised by the Ethiopian government against the Ogaden Somalis, and calls on donor countries to stop turning a blind eye to these crimes. Read more [...]

Obama: the world’s greatest peace fraud

Obama peace fraud Stuart Littlewood says all US President Barack Obama has done during his trip to the Middle East is buy time for Israel to continue its criminal behaviour and theft of Palestinian land. Read more [...]

Obama’s visit and Israel’s penchant for conflict

Israel rules USA Jamal Kanj says America’s Israel firsters, from David Miller to Dennis Ross, have prevailed on Obama to feed Israel’s penchant for conflict, which has driven the US to the verge of bankruptcy. Read more [...]