Monthly Archives: February 2013

Boycotting Israel Galloway-style

George Galloway Stuart Littlewood asks why Israel boycott advocates are attacking British MP George Galloway for boycotting a weasel-worded Israeli, despite the boycott movement HQ’s position that this is a matter of personal choice. Read more [...]

Britain’s UKIP needs more “impossible women”

UKIP Friends of Israel Stuart Littlewood argues that scandal-hit UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage needs a few more “impossible women” such as the recently-resigned Marta Andreasen to break his Israeli shackles. Read more [...]

Barack Obama’s Israel trip

Obama and Netanyahu Jonathan Cook says Israeli domestic politics and chronic Palestinian weakness mean that Obama's second term will be another four years of diplomatic failure – and a breathing space for more Jewish colonies. Read more [...]

On great photographs and their impact

Power of photography Lawrence Davidson relates the lack of empathy shown by Israel and foreign Zionists towards images of Palestinian suffering to the dehumanizing impact of the skewed information environments of Israelis and their supporters. Read more [...]

Jewish paranoia, narcissism or chosenness?

Jewish chosenness Nureddin Sabir considers the mentality behind a recent fund set up in the United States to help "Jews seen as being held wrongfully because of their Jewishness". Read more [...]

India’s inequality and destructive development

Indian inequality Graham Peebles outlines the scale and depth of poverty, inequality and injustice pervading India under the banner of globalization and free market fundamentalism – what is known as the Indian economic “miracle”. Read more [...]

The myth of the Jewish people

Founding myths of Israel Jamal Kanj highlights scientific research proving that in 1948 "the children of the original Jews" – the Palestinians – were replaced by 8th century converts with no roots in the Middle East. Read more [...]

Britain’s UKIP – another Zionist lobby tool

UKIP Israel stooge Stuart Littlewood considers the latest Israeli stooge on Britain’s political scene, the UK Independence Party, whose allegiance to Israel completes a circle of allies that has some of Europe’s most odious parties. Read more [...]

What do Obama and Abbas have in common?

Trio_Abbas-Netanyahu-Obama Alan Hart examines what it would take for Obama and Abbas to stop being grovellers to Israel and the Zionist lobby, and wonders if they’d both be assassinated if they ceased grovelling. Read more [...]

US presidents, war and institutionalizing abuse

Drone strike Lawrence Davidson analyses the conditions that have led to the institutionalization of abuse of power, including the creation and rationalization of criminal conspiracies, by US presidents sworn to uphold the law. Read more [...]