Daily Archives: 24th January 2013

Zionists call the shots in the Anglican Church

Anglican Zionists Stuart Littlewood looks at how the Anglican Church is bullied and infiltrated by Zionists to the point where senior churchmen cower in awe of Israel while it persecutes Christian and Muslim Palestinians. Read more [...]

Israelis vote against common sense

Israeli election Jamal Kanj argues that Israel’s destruction of the “two-state” solution through its ever-accelerating Jewish squatters programme means that the binational, single-state option should become part of a new strategy for genuine peace. Read more [...]

Five ways of looking at the Israeli parliament

Israeli ballot box Neve Gordon considers the way the results of the Israeli elections are being presented in the Israeli media and compares this with the reality: a victory for right-wing, anti-peace parties. Read more [...]