Monthly Archives: January 2013

Megalomaniac vs monomaniacs in Syria

Bashar Assad, Syria Jamal Kanj argues that while Bashar Assad is part of Syria’s problem, not its solution, the “detached, five-star hotel denizens” of the external opposition have no domestic credibility, leaving Israel the winner. Read more [...]

UK Liberal Democrat ban the phrase “the Jews”

The Jews Stuart Littlewood views UK Liberal Democrats’ ban on using the phrase “the Jews”, and asks how long it will take “the Jews” to end Israel’s crime spree committed in their name. Read more [...]

Holocaust Memorial Day backfires on Israel

Anti-Semitism of Zionism Gilad Atzmon says the misrepresentations by Israel’s UK stooges of a cartoon depicting Israeli crimes, and the exposure of Israeli racism towards black Jews, have given Holocaust Memorial Day a new meaning. Read more [...]

Anti-Semitism: what it is and is not

Anti-Zionism is not anti Semitism Alan Hart stresses the importance of differentiating between genuine anti-Semitism and Zionist propaganda which defines all criticism of Israel as “anti-Semitism” in order to provide cover for Israel’s crimes. Read more [...]

Debunking the false “anti-Semitism” slur

Activists who talk like Zionists Blake Alcott debunks the “anti-Semitism” slur levelled at musician and writer Gilad Atzmon by US academic Ali Abunimah, and explains that Atzmon “illuminates the ‘pro-Semitic’ racist ideology fatal to Palestinians”. Read more [...]

Truth-telling British MP in Zionists’ crosshairs

Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel Stuart Littlewood says UK Liberal Democratic Party condemnation of MP David Ward for telling the truth about Zionist crimes shows how far the party has become disconnected from its principles and grassroots. Read more [...]

Rights erosion in the USA

Rights erosion Lawrence Davidson analyses the paradox of Americans being more concerned about gun ownership than they are about the serious erosion of their fundamental rights that has taken place since 9/11. Read more [...]

Indian farmers trapped and desperate

Indian farmer despair Graham Peebles considers the reasons for the epidemic of suicides afflicting India’s debt-ridden, corporate-crushed farmers, and views the Indian government’s response – a mixture of indifference and siding with big business. Read more [...]

UK Liberal Democrats in a funk over free speech

Israel critics silenced Stuart Littlewood highlights the gutlessness and hypocrisy of Britain’s Liberal Democratic Party for condemning one of its MPs for lamenting that Jewish victims of the holocaust could inflict atrocities on the Palestinians. Read more [...]

You must not tell the truth if it’s about Zionism!

No criticism of Israel allowed Alan Hart says Zionism’s UK stooges have taken chutzpah to the extreme by condemning Liberal Democrat MP David Ward for lamenting that the holocaust’s victims could inflict atrocities on the Palestinians. Read more [...]