Monthly Archives: December 2012

The conspiracy to thwart Palestinian freedom hopes

Lackadaisical Mahmoud Abbas Stuart Littlewood highlights the PLO’s lackadaisical approach to Palestinian rights which is characterized by near-total communications and PR failure and reliance on advice from Britain’s Zionist stooges and pimps. Read more [...]

Hypothetical Q&A with Barack Obama

Pensive Obama Alan Hart imagines an honest conversation with an unshackled President Obama on where Zionism is leading Israel and the Jews, and what a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would require. Read more [...]

On the US killing of children and others

US drones being launched Lawrence Davidson analyses the cultural context of US gun ownership and argues that domestic gun-related murders, though massive, are a fraction of the havoc wreaked by the US on the world. Read more [...]

The terror lurking in a Christmas tree

Israel tries to ban Christmas trees Jonathan Cook looks at how Israel’s behind-the-scenes religious intolerance, which verges on hatred, has extended to the point of attempting to ban Christmas trees and prohibit New Year celebrations. Read more [...]

Palestinian leadership still asleep at the wheel?

Mahmoud Abbas Stuart Littlewood argues that instead of capitalizing on Palestine’s UN victory by seeking to bring Israel to account for its crimes, the Palestinian leadership remains "stuck in the same old time-wasting groove". Read more [...]

Is the bell about to toll for US Zionist lobby?

Alan Hart explains why the USA’s Zionist lobby is smearing Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel, who is thought to be President Barack Obama’s favourite as the next US defence secretary, replacing Leon Panetta. Read more [...]

The Matrix-like reality created by our media

The Matrix Jonathan Cook says the Washington Post’s killing of the story of Murdoch’s bid to buy the US presidency shows how US corporate elites subvert any notion of real democracy in the USA. Read more [...]

Israel’s new Herods and Palestine’s Christians

Jerusalem monastery defaced by Jews Jamal Kanj argues that while Israel – with Western complicity – is terrorizing and persecuting Palestine’s Christians, its spokesman are mounting a disinformation campaign that blames the plight of Christians on Muslims. Read more [...]

Stark Christmas message from the Holy Land

Christmas in Gaza As Christmas approaches, Stuart Littlewood recalls the continuing horror endured by Palestinians in Gaza, and contrasts the bravery of Catholic priest Father Manuel Musallam with the cowardice and connivance of Western politicians. Read more [...]

Ethiopian migrants abused, unwelcome in Yemen

Ethiopian migrants in Yemen Graham Peebles describes the ordeal of Ethiopian migrants to Yemen and urges the Ethiopian government and donor nations to assume their responsibilities and eliminate the causes of migration and protect migrants’ rights. Read more [...]