Daily Archives: 20th November 2012

How many children will Israel slaughter…

Stuart Littlewood asks why should Palestinians talk to Israel when the path to peace is “clearly set out in countless rulings by the United Nations and by the International Court of Justice?” Read more [...]

Speaking to Palestinians in the language of death

Alan Hart argues that world hatred and loathing generated by Israel’s criminal policies towards the Palestinians may eventually force its benefactor, the USA, to rein in its psychopathic leaders. Read more [...]

Israel’s Gilad Sharon spills the beans

Israeli girl writes on a bomb Gilad Atzmon says Gilad Sharon's call for the total destruction of Gaza is rooted in the Old Testament and is fully consistent with Zionism, Israeli thinking and aspect of Jewish culture. Read more [...]

Hell-on-Earth in Gaza four years ago

Stuart Littlewood argues that without a principled stand against injustice, “[h]istory will just keep repeating itself and the torment for blameless citizens will continue on both sides of the Gaza border”. Read more [...]