Daily Archives: 16th November 2012

Britain’s William Hague needs a good grilling

Stuart Littlewood views how UK Foreign Secretary Hague prevaricated during an interview on BBC radio where he defended Israel's onslaught on Gaza but, true to form, was hardly challenged by the interviewer. Read more [...]

UK Chief Rabbi: “I think it has got to do with Iran”

Alan Hart examines what might lay behind British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’s rare moment of honesty when, caught off guard on radio, he blamed Iran for Israel’s bloody onslaught on Gaza. Read more [...]

UK Chief Rabbi caught peddling Israeli propaganda

Gilad Atzmon highlights the moment Britain's chief rabbi, Jonathan Sacks - a leading pro-Israel lobbyist - was caught off guard on BBC radio blaming Iran for Israel' attacks on Gaza. Read more [...]

Unity – the path to change in Ethiopia

Graham Peebles argues that the opportunity presented by the change of prime minister in Ethiopia has proven hollow and that the political opposition is fragmented, dysfunctional and offers no vision of change. Read more [...]