Daily Archives: 15th November 2012

BBC gives Israeli ambassador free rein

Stuart Littlewood highlights the failure of BBC Radio 4‘s ‘flagship “Today” programme to challenge the Israeli ambassador on key omissions and distortions regarding the latest Israeli provocation in the Gaza Strip. Read more [...]

Israel’s Goebbels at work over Gaza provocation

Alan Hart dissects the lies of Israel’s Australian spokesman, Mark Regev (real name Mark Freiberg), arguing that he is effective only on Westerners who have long been conditioned by Zionist propaganda. Read more [...]

British neocon blog exposed as Israeli mouthpiece

Laura Stuart describes how the Islamophobic blog Harry’s Place operates as a propaganda mouthpiece for the Israeli state and the tactics it uses to dehumanize the Palestinian people and distort the truth. Read more [...]

The ideology of hatred and its role in politics

Niza Yanay explains hatred as an ideology and explores the role of this ideology in Israel and elsewhere. Interviewed by Neve Gordon, she views the relationship between hatred and political friendship. Read more [...]