Monthly Archives: October 2012

EU drinking in Last Chance Saloon, warns report

Stuart Littlewood views an international report on how the EU is sustaining the Israeli occupation but doubts that European politicians – “pro-Israel pimps and stooges” – can match their empty rhetoric with action. Read more [...]

Europe sustaining illegal Israeli settlements

The EU imports 15 times more from the illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories than from Palestinians themselves, a new report from a coalition of 22 non-governmental organizations has revealed. Read more [...]

Calling British ministers to account – or trying to

Stuart Littlewood challenges British ministers, through his parliamentary representative, to explain the riddles and contradictions of UK policy towards Israel on the one hand and Iran on the other. Read more [...]

Who will stand up to the Israeli pirates?

Nureddin Sabir argues that while Western powers frequently applaud their role in fighting Somali pirates, they are also colluding with Israeli state piracy in international waters to starve Gaza’s Palestinians into submission. Read more [...]

Israel’s catalogue of savagery

Lawrence Davidson views Israel’s litany of savage behaviour, from the ongoing ethnic cleansing that started in 1948 to the starvation war waged on Gaza and numerous acts of wanton, petty cruelty. Read more [...]

The Arab Spring: was it worth it?

Nureddin Sabir says there is no alternative to the pain unleashed by the Arab Spring if Arabs are to realize their aspirations for democracy, accountability, civil society and the rule of law. Read more [...]

The shame of Britain’s brainwashed MPs

Stuart Littlewood gives an insight into the mind of an Israeli stooge, Andrew Percy, a rude and brainwashed Israeli stooge who is also Conservative Member of Parliament for Brigg and Goole. Read more [...]

Israel’s stranglehold on US policymakers

Israel rules USA Jamal Kanj views the extent of Israel’s stranglehold on American policymakers as highlighted by US threats to the European Union not to support the Palestinian bid for UN observer status. Read more [...]

“The name of the game: erasing Palestine…”

Stuart Littlewood explains why British Prime Minister David Cameron’s unconditional support for Israel “is totally incompatible with the values we hold dear and is a stain on Britain and the British people”. Read more [...]

Israel’s formula for a starvation diet

Jonathan Cook views Israel’s strategy to refashion Palestinian society in Gaza "to accept its subjugation through a combination of violence, poverty, malnutrition and a permanent struggle over limited resources". Read more [...]